I mostly write for two reasons: because I can’t help it, and because I like putting words and sentences together in a way that makes me happy. A side effect of the second reason is that I write everything in Russian (everything except philosophy, that is). Russian is the only language I learned as a kid and thus the only language in which I feel free to use words however I want. Writing in Russian, for its part, means that I write for Russian-speaking readers. It’s either stuff that Russophones like myself are likely to care about, or else it assumes post-Soviet cultural baggage, or both.

To cut a long story short, I don’t usually see enough reason to translate my writing myself, or pay to have it translated. That said, I’d be thrilled to see it in other languages (especially the ones I can read), and if anyone out there feels it’s worth the effort, do contact my agent and count on my eternal gratitude. Otherwise, this page will remain tragically/mercifully short.

* * *

Utdrag ur romanen Det ryska hjärtat slår för alla i svensk översättning av Arvid Nordh finns att läsa här.

In 2012-2020, I wrote opinion pieces and essays for the Snob project. Here are four of them:

A Course in Applied Cynicism (translated by Megan Case)

An Article about the Meaning of Life

The Motherland Drug

Naked Doxa

And here is some family history:

Mama (translated by Megan Case)

Papa and Sergeant (translated by Megan Case)

Papa und Sergeant (übersetzt von Klaas Dykmann)

My Dearest Sister Lyolya 

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