A Philosopher Hare having some Thoughts in the Bath by Natalia Yamshchikova

Below are links to essays on various philosophical issues. The ones in English (except for ‘An Article about the Meaning of Life’) were written and submitted at Uppsala University in 2017-2019.

If you really and truly are into philosophy, you are also welcome to click here and download my 30,000-word MA thesis on the self and the specialness of self-knowledge.

Статья о смысле жизни
Несколько очевидностей, которые, к сожалению, становятся очевидными не сразу.

Can We Learn from Fiction?
The Big Question is whether fiction can help us learn anything about the real world that we didn’t already know.

An Article about the Meaning of Life
A few obvious points about the meaning of life that unfortunately tend not to become obvious right away.

One Foggy Window on a Beautiful World
The admittedly Not-So-Big Question is how, according to Plato, knowledge can unify the soul.

Can We Eff the Ineffable?
The Big Question is whether there are truths about the world that are forever beyond our cognitive grasp.

Truthful Insincerity
The Big Question is whether insincerity always means lying.

First-Person Perspective in Human and Non-Human Animals

The Big Question is whether we need to have first-person thoughts in order to act, and what it means to have a ‘first-person thought’ in the first place.

Давайте не будем проще

Мы не замечаем достижений философии, потому что не желаем ими пользоваться

Parfit’s Division: On Split Brains and Personal Identity

The Big Question is whether Parfit’s thought experiments do show that personal identity is not what matters in survival.

A naïve defence of metaphysical realism against Putnam

Why Putnam’s model-theoretic argument against metaphysical realism is unlikely to impress an actual metaphysical realist.